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“Why, What if, How.”

Journalist, innovation expert, and author Warren Berger believes that one of the most powerful forces for igniting change is a simple, yet elegant tool — questioning. He believes that deep, thoughtful, imaginative and beautiful questions help identify and solve problems, come up with systems-tipping ideas, and ultimately transformative change.

Changing the Conversation: Elephants in the Room, embraces this theory.

Led by Professor Ann Dale, Royal Roads University, Elephants in the Room features a series of face-to-face collaborative conversations on critical public policy issues in Canada. Framed by Berger’s three explosively simple, beautiful questions: “why, what if, and how?” they are

intended to be thought provoking dialogues, defining challenges, solutions and actions that can improve the vitality of our communities.

Complemented by real-time e-Dialogues that continue the conversation virtually, together they are designed to keep advancing dialogue among more diverse audiences, and in the spirit of global citizenship.

The Discussion Series Events