On the evening of November 25, Carleton’s Living Laboratory, 1125@Carleton, celebrated its first anniversary. 1125 is a collaborative and innovative problem solving space that brings multiple stakeholders across industries to solve local, national and global problems. As emcee for the evening Giovanna Mingarelli, 1125 entrepreneur in residence, put it, “It gathers Carleton researchers, faculty and students with business, industry, community and governments at all levels, and provides entrepreneurs with the tools they need to take their idea to the world stage.”

The occasion was celebrated in style at a gathering held in the space Tuesday evening. The event hosted more than 100 guests, including Carleton students, faculty and alumni, 1125 partners and Ottawa community members.

The agenda for the evening included a fabulous performance by Jesse Stewart, Juno award-winning composer, improviser, percussionist, visual artist, instrument builder, researcher, writer, and educator. Jesse is an Associate Professor of Music at Carleton, and founder of “We are all musicians”, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for individuals to make music regardless of age, musical training, socio-economic circumstance, physical and/or cognitive disability.


Following Jesse’s performance, Komal Minhas, lead storyteller at KoMedia, launched Transforming a Nation: Canada’s Greatest Social Innovations, a physical and online photo exhibit being housed at 1125@Carleton and at www.globalshapersottawa.com. This exhibit seeks to reflect on the social and systems change that has transformed our country, housed in a space that seeks to solve today’s wicked social problems.

Komal said in her introduction, “’It’s important to reflect on the transformative social innovations that came before us in order to understand how change works, and to ground the social change we millennials seek to make.”

The Ottawa Global Shapers launched the exhibit in partnership with 1125@Carleton and hope to bring it across the country. Komal describes the group of young innovators, “The Global Shapers community brings together today’s young leaders to effect local and global transformation. We seek to harness our collective power and work to serve the world and this exhibit is our contribution to the narrative of social innovation in Canada.”

A strong supporter of the Lab, Komal thanked 1125 for “providing a space that turns rebels into social innovators,” adding, “’A space like 1125 is the breeding ground for the rebels that will transform our society for the better. Having a space to think outside of the box and innovate is critical to social entrepreneurship.”

The evening’s highlights also included remarks from Kim Matheson, Vice-President Research and International at Carleton, and founder of 1125. Kim described the 1125 space as “making a difference in the quality of life, not just here, but around the world.” As well as kind words from Carleton President Rosann Runte who described the space as a “wonderful hub of activity where the air is electric,” adding “continue applauding 1125@Carleton in public to let the community know what amazing things are happening.”




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