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Join us at CoLab10X as we use Design Thinking for social innovation!

For Fall 2016, we will be exploring youth homelessness in Ottawa. Participants will learn and apply IBM’s Design Thinking practices to better understand the situation, and generate ideas for potential future action.

Visit 1125@Carleton every second Thursday from 3-5 pm (schedule below), as we work together to transform civic engagement and unleash social innovation. All are welcome to attend!


Design Thinking looks to inject creativity, empathy for users, and iterative prototyping into everything from global issues to policy and product design. The D. School Institute of Design at Stanford University brought Design Thinking processes to the broader community. They describe it as an activity that “first defines the problem and then implements the solutions, always with the needs of the user demographic at the core of concept development. This process focuses on needfinding, understanding, creating, thinking, and doing”.

While there are a number of approaches to Design Thinking, at CoLab10X, we adopt practices from IBM and their Design Thinking Field Guide.

Location: 1125@Carleton, Room 5110 Human Computer Interaction Building, Carleton University

Fall 2016 Timeline:

09.22.2016 @ 3-5 pm
09.29.2016 @ 3-5 pm ; Special film screenings from the ‘Encountering Democracy’ series.
10.06.2016 @ 3-5 pm
10.20.2016 @ 3-5 pm
11.03.2016 @ 3-5 pm
11.17.2016 @ 3-5 pm
12.01.2016 @ 3-5 pm
12.08.2016 @ 3-5 pm

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