Carleton University’s Aboriginal Education Council was established in October 2013 with a mandate to to promote, guide and oversee the implementation of Carleton’s Aboriginal Co-ordinated Strategy.

The Aboriginal Education Council reports directly to the President and Vice-Chancellor and through the President to the university’s Board of Governors and Senate regarding progress related to achievement of the Aboriginal Co-ordinated Strategy.

View the Aboriginal Education Council’s Terms of Reference.

Council Meetings

The Aboriginal Education Council meets monthly.

Please continually check this webpage for updated information.


Elder: John Cle-alls Medicine Horse Kelly

Elder: Josee Whiteduck

Co-Chair (Community): Anita Tenasco

Co-Chair (Carleton): Rodney Nelson

Executive Committee Members: Anita Tenasco (Co-Chair, Community); Rodney Nelson (Co-Chair, Carleton); Dr. Peter Ricketts (Provost and Vice-President Academic); Karen Green (Director, Equity Services); Rebekah Elkerton (Student).

Complete Membership List


The Aboriginal Education Council is preceded by the Task Force on Aboriginal Affairs (2009-2013) and the Aboriginal Vision Committee (2008-2009).


If you have questions about the Aboriginal Education Council, please contact Equity Services at 613-520-5622.