Choosing First-Year Courses

Choosing First-Year Courses

Registration Options

There are two different paths you can choose for class registration as a first-year BA Undeclared student:

  1. Create your own schedule – Most majors at Carleton within the Bachelor of Arts are incredibly flexible during the first year, which allows you to “sample” courses from a variety of fields of study.
  2. ArtsOne – Another option is to enroll in ArtsOne, Carleton’s innovative learning community program for first-year students. As part of a small group of students (or learning community), you will take a specific “cluster” of courses organized around a unifying theme. The program will strengthen your intellectual skills in an engaging and lively academic environment. ArtsOne is open to all first-year students who register in the BA at Carleton, regardless of their major, on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Visit the ArtsOne website to learn about the current ArtsOne learning communities, the activities in which ArtsOne students participate, and to find out how to register in an ArtsOne Learning Community.

First-Year Seminars

No matter which option you decide for registration, all Bachelor of Arts students are strongly encouraged to include a First-Year Seminar (FYSM) in their first-year course load. Our First-Year Seminars will get you away from the lecture hall and give you the chance, in a small class of no more than 30, to discuss and debate topics with your classmates and your professors. If you register for ArtsOne, your cluster may already include a First-Year Seminar. If it does not, you can choose from a variety of First-Year Seminars to take alongside the ArtsOne program. If you create your own schedule and do not register for ArtsOne, you can choose a First-Year Seminar from a wide variety of fields of study.

How to Prepare For Registration as a BA Undeclared Student

  1. Go through the registration steps and familiarize yourself with registration terminology.
  2. Read the First Year Course Selection Guide for Bachelor of Arts students. This document will give you information about the required courses for each major within the BA for first-year students. If you are interested in majors outside of the Bachelor of Arts, you can read the First-Year Course Selection Guides for other majors and sign up for the required courses for those majors as well.
  3. Be aware of the Breadth Requirement for most majors in the BA degree. You must take 1.0 credit from three out of four breadth areas before you graduate from Carleton. Because you will be taking more courses in your area of study as you progress, it is easiest if you complete your breadth requirement during your first two years of study.
  4. If you already have ideas about the areas of study you may want to pursue, you can create your own class schedule. The Student Registration Assistance (SRA) team can help you enroll classes that fit your interests.