March 2012: A new email system is now available for Carleton students!

The new email system, Carleton Email, enhances our email services to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Carleton University looked for a modern email system and cloud hosting service that would deliver an enhanced email service to students as well as meet the university’s privacy requirements.

After consultations with several other universities who had moved in a similar direction, Carleton University selected Microsoft’s Office 365 as the provider of Carleton’s new email.

Carleton Email Features

  • Massive storage limits.
    With 50 GB of storage you’ll never miss an important message again.  You’ll be able to send and receive pictures, graphs, pdfs and videos.
  • Advanced search feature.
    Quickly locate important messages.
  • Mobile support.
    Check your Carleton Email on the go.
  • Accessible through the MyCarleton Portal.
    Access Carleton Email, cuLearn and Carleton Central all from one spot.
  • Carleton Email address.
    Your email address will be  However, you will be able to receive emails from the convenient short form  You will have this email address for life.

How to get your new Carleton Email

Sign up for your new Carleton Email through Carleton Central.

You’ll simply log into Carleton Central and activate your new MyCarletonOne account.  This new account will replace your Student Computing Account.  Once you’ve followed the steps provided, you will be granted your new Carleton Email account.

How to Access your new Carleton Email

Once you’ve set up your MyCarletonOne account, simply log into the MyCarleton Portal using your new MyCarletonOne credentials (firsnamelastname).

You will see a new Carleton Email button from within MyCarleton Portal.

You can also access your Carleton Email account through your mobile device.  Find out how to configure your smartphone.

What happens to your Connectmail Account and Emails

All of your email messages that were in your Connectmail account will be moved over to your new Carleton Email for you.  The migration of your Connectmail emails to your new email may take up to a day to complete.

All email messages that are sent to your Connectmail account will be auto-forwarded to your new email account, so you will not miss any messages!

The Connectmail interface that once appeared within the MyCarleton Portal will no longer be present.  You will see a blank section in its place.

You will access your  new email, along with your forwarded Connectmail emails, by clicking on the Carleton Email icon from within the MyCarleton Portal.

Concerned about privacy?

Email, by its very nature, is neither completely private nor secure, regardless of the type of system being used or where the server is located.  Rest assured, we have put time and resources into ensuring that the new email system will meet all Canadian privacy legislation.

There are some simple ways to elevate your email privacy:

  • Always assume email isn’t private.
  • Before you send an email, consider the consequences if your privacy was breached.
  • Always close your browser window after you log out from your email account.
  • Always log out of the MyCarleton Portal when you are finished.

Still concerned?  Read our full FAQ about Security and Carleton Email.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to questions you may have about Carleton Email, check out our Carleton Email FAQ for students.

If you are a staff or faculty member, check out our Carleton Email FAQ for staff and faculty.