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The Program Committee for the CU75 Community-Academic Expo warmly welcomes you to participate in Carleton University’s year of celebration by volunteering to review submitted proposals for the Community-Academic Expo. Proposals will include a range of discussion panels, presentations, workshops, exhibitions, performances, and posters covering topics related to (1) sustainability, (2) accessibility, (3) global citizenship, and/or (4) Indigenous communities and knowledges.

Reviewers, who will remain anonymous to the specific applicants, will be given assessment criteria to facilitate constructive feedback to help shape presentations. Reviewers will also make recommendations on the proposals to the relevant expo subcommittee team. This process is meant to strengthen the quality of the expo and support celebration of the amazing work that continues between Carleton and Community.

If you can serve as a reviewer, please complete this short registration form.

Why be a Reviewer?

Community partnership matters, and for many of us, it is the cornerstone of our work. By volunteering your time as a reviewer, you will share your expertise and passion with likeminded individuals who are eager to celebrate the value of community-university engagement.

Who can be a Reviewer?

Reviewers can be community partners, students, staff, faculty, and/or instructors with experience in the areas of (1) sustainability, (2) accessibility, (3) global citizenship, and/or (4) Indigenous communities and knowledges.

What is expected?

Reviewers will receive their assigned proposals by mid-March and will be expected to complete the reviews by mid-April, using a rubric provided by the Program Committee. The number of proposals to be reviewed will be dependent on the number of proposals received and the number of reviewers available. It is anticipated that each reviewer will have 5-10 proposals.

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