LAWS 2105 V - Social Justice and Human Rights

Theories and practices of law and social justice. Issues examined may include: civil democracy and repression; global governance and the rule of law; democratic movements and social power; human rights instruments, regimes and remedies; armed conflict; and humanitarian intervention. Prerequisite(s): one of LAWS 1000 [1.0], HUMR 1001 [1.0], PAPM 1000 [1.0], PSCI 1100 and PSCI 1200.

CRN for section V: 13249

CRN for section VOD (optional Video On Demand service): 13250

In-class lecture time & location:
Wednesdays, 8:35am to 11:25am, 624 SA

Instructor: Rueban Balasubramaniam

Rueban Balasubramaniam

About the instructor: My current research is in legal philosophy, generally, with a view to exploring how the rule of law is constitutive of legitimate political rule. I am currently writing about issues of methodology in legal philosophy, where I argue that an appropriate methodology must capture the idea that the rule of law is a moral yet distinctly legal ideal that may relate to other moral values yet does not collapse into them. This paper is part of a broader project that defends a moral conception of the rule of law as a workable ideal of stable social order capable of generating moral constraints on state power even under conditions where liberal democracy cannot fully take root. In addition, I am also doing research that examines the relationship between the rule of law and anti-terrorism measures like detention without trial.

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