MATH 5801 W - Linear Optimization

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Linear programming problems; simplex method, upper bounded variables, free variables; duality; postoptimality analysis; linear programs having special structures; integer programming problems; unimodularity; knapsack problem.

CRN for section W: 13688

Instructor: Kevin Cheung

Kevin Cheung

About the instructor: My fascination with linear algebra really began after I started teaching linear algebra for the first time in 2012. Even though I had been well versed in the subject for a couple of decades, it wasn't until I started finding interesting applications to showcase in my course that I realized the power of what one could learn in a first-year linear algebra course.

In this course, you will discover a complete solution to the game Lights Out using simple linear algebra. By the end of the course, you will also explore one way of doing facial recognition. I feel excited every time I teach this course because of the beauty and power of some seemingly simple mathematics.

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