Profile: André Plourde

Profile: André Plourde


André Plourde - Full Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Public Affairs

    Degrees: B.A., M.A. (New Brunswick), Ph.D. (British Columbia)

    Office: D-391 Loeb, 613-520-2600 x 1858

    E-mail: andre [dot] plourde [at] carleton [dot] ca

    Languages spoken other than English: French

    Research fields: energy economics, resource economics

    • Canadian energy policy
    • energy and the environment
    • economic and fiscal aspects of oil sands development

    Selected publications:

    Report – The Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel: Environmental and Health Impacts of Canada’s Oil Sands Industry (with Pierre Gosselin, Steve E. Hrudey, M. Anne Naeth, René Therrien, Glen Van Der Kraak, and Zhenghe Xu), Ottawa: The Royal Society of Canada, December 2010 (xxiv + 414 pages).

    “On Properties of Royalty and Tax Regimes in Alberta’s Oil Sands,” Energy Policy, Vol. 38, No. 8 (August 2010), pp. 4652–4662.

    “Empirical Modelling of Energy Demand” (with David L. Ryan), International Handbook on the Economics of Energy, ed. Joanne Evans and Lester C. Hunt, Edward Elgar, 2009, Ch. 6 (pp. 112–143).

    “Offshore Energy Revenues and Equalization: Having Your Cake and Eating It Too?” How Ottawa Spends, 2006–2007: In From the Cold: The Tory Rise and the Liberal Demise, ed. G. Bruce Doern, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2006, Ch. 3 (pp. 50–72). [cover]

    “Smaller and Smaller? The Price Responsiveness of Non-Transport Oil Demand” (with David L. Ryan), Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 42, No. 2 (Summer 2002), pp. 285–317.

    “On the Renewal of Concern for the Security of Oil Supply” (with Chantale LaCasse), Energy Journal, Vol. 16, No. 2 (1995), pp. 1–23 (lead article).

    “The October 1979 Change in U.S. Monetary Policy: Its Impact on the Forecastability of Canadian Interest Rates” (with James E. Pesando), Journal of Finance, Vol. 43, No. 1 (March 1988), pp. 217–239.