Our 2015-16 Mentors!



AlyHi my name’s Aly! I’m a third year student at Carleton. My major is in Criminology and criminal justice with a focus in psychology. I am also minoring in neuroscience. I was an ESP student in my first year at Carleton. Grade twelve was not the greatest year for me personally, and my marks suffered because of it. I was so grateful to be accepted to Carleton through ESP, and I completed my first year with an A average and a scholarship! I was able to thrive through ESP because of the support offered by the program. My mentors were amazing, my facilitators were even better and the coaches and advisors were such a bonus! I was so lucky to have found this program, and am so thankful that I get the chance to work within the program this year and mentor new students in the program!


ByronHello! My name is Byron and I am a second-year student here at Carleton University. I am currently in the psychology program and minoring in neuroscience and mental health. Hopefully next year, I will be able to enroll in Neuroscience and mental health program and join the science faculty.

As a high school student, I didn’t do too badly but I found myself overwhelmed by the last year and my grades fell. Luckily I found ESP and was both relieved and worried for what my future was going to be in a university setting. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed being in the ESP program as it had improved my study habits and skills while providing me with a platform to succeed and meet amazing people. This being the case, I applied to being a mentor to hopefully help others to find the same academic success as I found through ESP. I got the conformation of being a first year mentor and couldn’t wait to be working with the people I have met and the people I have yet to meet through ESP.

I hope I will be helpful in providing you a resource to talk to this year and I look forward to meet you.


CaitlinWelcome Ravens!

My name is Caitlen and I am a second year Psychology major. I know it can be intimidating starting University but the ESP program is loaded with amazing support from the professors, mentors and facilitators. I decided to go back to University after I finished college and I was not accepted into the Social Work program due to high competition and low marks so the ESP program helped me prepare for University life through workshops, coaches and support. Carleton is a great campus filled with excellent academic resources and fun recreational activities. I look forward to meeting all of you!


ColinHey! My name is Colin and I am a first time mentor, and a B.A student majoring in Economics. I applied to ESP when I realized I did not have the grades to be admitted into Carleton the traditional way. ESP is such a fantastic way to ease the transition into University and I am glad I was able to be a part of it. I took advantage of everyone willing to help and with some hard work I was able to be admitted into my degree program. I hope I can pass on some of the knowledge I have learned with my time in ESP onto you guys!


CrystalHello! I am a second year student in Criminology and Justice here at Carleton. I decided to enroll in the ESP program as I had been out of an educational setting for several years and was returning as a mature student. It was the best decision I made! The resources offered through ESP allowed me to thrive academically and even helped me to win the Richard and Jean Van Loon Excellence Award for overall attendance and GPA. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it! I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams here at Carleton. You have made the best decision in joining ESP! Thanks, Crystal.


DaveI am currently majoring in psychology and taking a double minor in French and indigenous studies. A double minor isn’t inherently more difficult, as far as I know, it may just be a bit more difficult to plan your schedule. I decided instead of taking electives that I would enjoy I would rather combine them into my minors.

I have lived in Ottawa for the majority of my life. There is definitely a lot to do in this city, if you’re willing to look for it. Ask me about it. I’ll tell you what I know and where you should visit. For example; “Did you know there is a board game Cafe in Ottawa? How about a cat Cafe?”

I’m interested in a wide variety of sports. My current favourites are ultimate frisbee, soccer, archery and quidditch. This year, I look forward to joining the archery club. I hope to improve my skills in order to compete in a sport game called “Archery Tag”. It’s like Paintballing but with soft arrows and a bow.

I am an extrovert! I love to talk, and if you talk to me for long enough you may realize that I enjoy terrible puns. I apologize in advance for any terrible puns that you may directly or indirectly hear. I am terrible with names and faces but I shall do my best! Alright, that’s about it for now. Now it’s your turn to introduce yourself to me.”

Best regards, Dave.


DevronHello my name is Devron, although I prefer to be called Dev, I am in my second year at Carleton University. My major is Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with Honours, with a Co-Op option. I am originally from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia but moved to Ottawa, Ontario when I was around seven, so I basically an Ottawan.

I came into ESP fresh out of high school with hopes that it would promote my success and quickly learned that it did. Through attending workshops I was able to learn what works for me and how to create success for myself. The Enriched Support Program showed me that I was in charge of my success. I gained a sense of individuality and self-awareness throughout my year in ESP. Through ESP I was able to get into a program that I could not have gotten into with the grades I ended high school with. I would have to say that it wasn’t just about the grades or getting into my desired program. I found ESP was an easy way to make like-minded friends who have similar goals. These are friendships that I know will last, friendships that are uplift to my mental health and beneficial to my academics. This is one of the reason why I wanted to become a mentor.


DerekHello to one and all. My name is Derek. I am in my second year at Carleton University, working towards a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a minor in Archeology. I will also be one of your ESP/AESP mentors over this year.For over ten years, before entering Carleton through the ESP last year, I worked full-time in environmental education, promoting environmental leadership, literacy, and awareness to youths and adults.

I live for my passions, and moving on to university has been instrumental in giving me the opportunity to fuel one of them: learning. However, because of an unconventional education, entering my postsecondary career only appeared possible through the ESP at Carleton.I am a firm believer that what one gives ultimately plays a factor in what one will receive. With the wealth of coaching, guidance, and resources I received from the ESP, I was able to succeed, through commitment and hard work, in being accepted into my degree. By being a mentor and part of the ESP/AESP community once again this year, I hope to give back by improving my educational skills through aiding in promoting the academic potential in others.

I look forward to meeting and working with everyone in the Carleton and ESP/AESP community, and wish you all the best in your academic achievements this year!


EricMy name is Eric. I grew up in Orleans, Ontario. I went to school in French until grade 12. I took applied courses throughout high school thinking that I would go to College for carpentry. After high school I went to La Cite Collegial for carpentry and immediately knew that it was not for me. I dropped out of college after a couple of months and took some time away from school to think about what I wanted to do as a career. After thinking about it I decided that I would take on the absolutely impossible, at the time, dream of becoming an Engineer. I began with going back to High school but even after completing another entire year of high school I still only had four academic high school credits, which was not enough to apply into engineering. That’s when I found ESP, I applied in their Engineering stream in their 2012 – 2013 semesters. There I found my place at Carleton and moved on to be accepted in the Architectural Conservation and Sustainability stream of Engineering at Carleton. Today I begin my second year standing in this program and continue to slowly accomplish my dream.


HamdaHi there! My name is Hamda and I am currently in the Bachelor of Social Work program here at Carleton. I am extremely excited and honoured to be a part of the ESP community this upcoming school year. As a student, constantly learning and growing, it can be difficult at times to figure out exactly where your future is headed. I entered ESP after graduating college, I did not obtain the average required to get accepted into the program I am currently enrolled in, and began to feel anxious about how I could make it to where I am today. After doing my research, I found the ESP program and applied right away. ESP provided me with all of the tools and resources I needed to attain good grades (lecture workshops, coaches, etc.) while enjoying the campus’ social events and everything the university has to offer.

I noticed my grades improving and created my very own support system of new friends and the friendliest staff you could ever meet. ESP really does give students a second chance to achieve their goals and this is the main reason I wanted to become an ESP mentor; to encourage my students to reach for the stars and they will always prosper. I would not be where I am today without the ESP/ AESP program, and I can’t wait to provide students with the same guidance that I received in order to succeed!


JennaWelcome to Carleton!

I am a second year standing Bachelor of Social Work student at Carleton and a former ESP student from the 2013-14 school year. I did not have to grades or university level classes from high school and was not successful when I applied to the competitive BSW program at Carleton. I then became a part of the ESP program and did extremely well in my ESP year by attending my workshops, and seeing coaches and Facilitators for many assignments.

I am successful in my BSW degree and am extremely happy to be a part of the ESP family. Through ESP, I made some great connections with professors and advisors as well as made some amazing and long-lasting friendships. I encourage new ESP students to “dive in” and see what you can accomplish through ESP and learn about themselves.

I am grateful to be able to mentor students this year in aiding them to become comfortable on campus and link them to any resources or activities that are of interest. This campus is full of new opportunities and I urge you to experience Carleton to the fullest!



LowriMy name is Lowri. I am a second year student at Carleton. I am majoring in psychology with a minor in archeology. I was in the ESP program last year and I am very glad to have gone through the program. I love rugby and have played for a very long time, but during high-school I let my passion for rugby get in the way of school which had a negative effect on my grades. Joining the ESP program I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but now having finished it I am glad I went through the experience because I was able to learn so much, not only about school but about myself!

As I said I love to play rugby but I also love to ski, I love history and watch documentaries in my spare time! I would like to be a teacher in the future but want to travel the world first. At Carleton I have met some amazing people including friends but also some amazing staff that helped me transition from high-school to university and showed me ways to enjoy learning. I had a crazy yet fun first year and this year I am excited to help all of you through your first year at Carleton and see you succeed through the ESP program!


MarieHey what’s up? Hello! My name is Marie and I am beyond excited to be back for a second year of mentoring. I’m in my third year here at Carleton studying Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience and Mental Health.

I don’t know where I would be without all the lovely people here at ESP. I know if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be able to be studying at university or have accomplished what I have. Having dealt with different anxiety disorders and mental illness my whole life, high school wasn’t a dream come true and graduating seemed unattainable. I was introduced to ESP and I am beyond thankful for that. ESP showed me that I have so much potential for success and that I was meant to be here at university. I am excited to show other students that potential within them and hope I do them justice in showing them that they can accomplish anything they set their minds too.  I can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces this year and I know you’ll all kick butt this year!


MonaHi everyone! My name is Mona and I’m in my second year at Carleton studying Business Law and a recent graduate of Algonquin College with a Diploma in General Arts and Sciences and a Concentration in Media and Communications. After graduating from College I realized that this wasn’t enough, and that I wouldn’t become the wildly successful person I imagined my future self to be without going to University… but there were two issues with this realization; one was that my grades weren’t high enough to be accepted into Carleton, and the second was that I didn’t think I could handle University.

In high school, kids are given the decision of whether they are a College or a University type of person. I was accepted to Carleton after high school but I didn’t believe that I could succeed, I believed that I was a College type of person and that University would be too hard for me, so I decided to go to Algonquin.My biggest issue in high school and College was that I consistently skipped class and didn’t see the problem in it. Before Carleton, and before ESP, teachers always told me “you have so much potential, why don’t you apply yourself?” and I never knew the answer. I always thought that teachers were just saying that because it’s their job to try and get me to go to class. I knew people thought I had potential but I didn’t believe that I had the potential to succeed, and I was sure I couldn’t succeed in a University setting. That’s how ESP helped me.

The Enriched Support Program is great because it helps you in ways that go almost unnoticed, the workshops, FYSM class, and coaches are just a few of the endless stream of resources that are available to ESP students to not only help them succeed but to help them believe in themselves and their own personal ability to succeed. This is why I wanted to become a mentor and why I feel so privileged to do so, I am excited to be a part of this wonderful program that changed me from a constant D+/C- student to an A+ student. Without ESP I don’t know where I’d be today, but I do know that there’s no chance I’d be considering going into corporate law as a future career path.

If I could say any one thing today to help students that are new to Carleton and ESP it is to believe in yourself – you can do it!


NadiaWelcome to Carleton!

My name is Nadia and I am one of the ESP/AESP mentors this year. I am a second year student at Carleton University, currently majoring in English with a minor in law. I came to ESP straight out of high school being unsure of myself and my future. When I was introduced to the ESP program I was grateful that I had a second chance to enter university to fulfill my dreams. My experience in ESP is the reason I decided to be part of the program.  With the help of the first-year seminar instructors, the mentors, the coaches, and the facilitators, I realized that I did have the skills and the potential for success. The incredible support that I received in this program has helped me improve on my grades, studies and most importantly, myself.  I was able to identify my skills and develop new ones in order to succeed in University.

There are no words to describe how happy I am to be a mentor for this year. Being a mentor will allow me to show students that they are capable of anything if they set their minds to it.

I am so excited to meet you all and looking forward to making first year for new students as memorable and successful as mine was.

See you soon, Ravens!


NoraHello everyone and welcome to ESP/AESP! My name is Nora and I am a fourth-year student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology.

I came to ESP three years ago straight out of high school, not knowing what I wanted and what I was capable of achieving. Throughout my year with ESP, my confidence began to grow and I soon came to the realization that I had the potential to achieve and to be successful all along. I owe much of my success to this wonderful program with dedicated people who really contribute to each student’s success. I believe that if you come in with an open mind and commit, ESP/AESP can really change your life.

This will be my third year of mentoring and I am so happy to be back as I truly believe in this program and am proud to be able to contribute alongside so many great individuals. I look forward to meeting you and have a great year!


RobinHello! I’m Robin and a former ESP student myself. I came to Carleton as a mature student and with the help and support of the Enriched Support Program I successfully made it through the program. Of course there were bumps and times of major doubt but with such an amazing team of facilitators, coaches, advisors, and mentors I came out on top!

I am currently majoring in the Human Rights program and am super excited to meet with you all and be a part of your University experience!


SebastienGreetings students of the ESP program! My name is Sebastien, and I am currently obtaining a Bachelor of Cognitive Science with a minor in Economics. Upon graduating high school, my grades were nowhere near sufficient for the university level and I was unaware of the ESP program, so I went to college. During my time at Algonquin College I obtained a two year business marketing diploma and a three year business administration diploma. What persuaded me to enter the ESP program was the significant contrast of employment earnings and opportunities between college and university graduates.

Although you may feel down on your capabilities (I know I did), the ESP program is here to show that the barrier between you and a university degree is not an issue of potential. The barrier between you and a university degree is the amount of effort you’re willing to put in. In the ESP program you will be shown creative writing skills, effective study methods (that means no more all-nighters!), and countless other tools that will make you more proficient as a student. Through these learning methods you will see that with a little alteration of past habits, along with your willingness to succeed, university is right for you!


SheldonHello, my name is Sheldon and I am a first year film studies student with a minor in music. I came into AESP last year after taking a year off after college. Before I came to university through the AESP program I wasn’t sure if I wanted to attend university or thought I had the confidence. Due to the fact my marks were not the greatest in college and high school. But AESP’s friendly staff and faculty really helped me transition into University. With all the support I received I never thought I would have flourished in a university Environment.

When I heard about the mentorship position I was thrilled to have a part in helping others transition into university through the program.


TarynneWelcome fellow Ravens! My name is Tarynne and I am a Cognitive Science major with a minor in Indigenous Studies. I enjoy reading, gaming and learning everything I can about the mind.

Years ago, I had tried a couple of programs in college and for one reason or another I was unable to finish. I wanted to attend university, however the number of years it would take to reach that goal was discouraging. I also had no idea where to begin again. At the end of last summer, I came to Carleton and only expected to get some information and a few pamphlets, by the next Monday I was enrolled in my classes through the AESP. I dove into studying with the help and support of the coaches, facilitators, and staff from the CIE. I also learned a few time management tricks from my mentor that helped me remain focused throughout the year. This year as a mentor, I hope to pay that support forward.


TessHello! My name is Tess. I am a fourth year student double majoring in Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies. I entered Carleton University through the AESP program in 2013 as a single mother. I am excited to share my story and support AESP students through their academic endeavor!


WillI am super excited to be a part of the ESP Mentor program this year. I hail from a faraway land known as Akwesasne, a Mohawk reservation by Cornwall Ontario. Last year I went through the AESP program here at Carleton, and decided to try and become a mentor. I am now in my first year of my Communications Studies Degree. Over the past 5 years I have been known as a professional actor both on stage and on screen. I would love to tell you more about my journey in person. You can find me usually in the Ojikwanong, or out and about on campus! I am looking forward to mentoring to a strong AESP class! – Will