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FPA Currents is an annual lecture. The topic for the lecture will vary, but the theme will always be at the intersection of politics, policy, journalism and current affairs.

The name of the series – FPA Currents – has several overlapping meanings. Firstly, it is held in Richcraft Hall which is adjacent to the Rideau River – hence the “Currents.” As well, it is an event that is squarely focused on current affairs and the Faculty thinks of currents as “moving forward,” which ties in to FPA’s five-year plan called “Moving FPA Forward.”

The event takes place in September.

This year the lecture will be presented by Gregory Ip, an award-winning economics journalist for the Wall Street Journal and the author of Foolproof: Why Safety Can Be Dangerous and and How Danger Makes Us Safe”. Mr. Ip has built his career on the knowledge he gained while pursuing a double major in journalism and economics at Carleton. He was named one of FPA’s 75 for the 75th.

Read his story here.

More details about the lecture topic and registration will be available this summer.


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