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FPA Currents is an annual lecture. The topic for the lecture will vary, but the theme will always be at the intersection of politics, policy, journalism and current affairs.

The name of the series – FPA Currents – has several overlapping meanings. Firstly, it is held in the River Building which is adjacent to the Rideau River – hence the “Currents.” As well, it is an event that is squarely focused on current affairs and the Faculty thinks of currents as “moving forward,” which ties in to FPA’s five-year plan called “Moving FPA Forward.”

The event takes place in September.

“Leap to Where? Elements of a Canadian Climate Policy that could be Both Feasible and Enough.”

Thomas Homer-Dixon, the Centre for International Governance Innovation Chair of Global Systems, Balsillie School, University of Waterloo presented the 2016 FPA Currents Lecture as part of Carleton University’s Throwback celebrations. Homer-Dixon is a Carleton alumnus with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, (’80) and one of FPA’s 75 for the 75th.

The gravity of the climate change threat demands bold measures.  “The Leap Manifesto” is a sweeping and ambitious plan, but it also entangles climate policy with a host of other matters that are part of a larger ideological agenda. So it’s a profoundly divisive document at the very moment that we need to find common ground on climate change. Is there an alternative climate policy that would both unite us and make a real difference?”


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