The Purpose of Professional Development

A success employee experience equals a successful student experience.  Carleton University’s Professional Development Process (PDP) supports that by defining expectations, align individual objectives with the University’s strategic objectives, as outlined in the Strategic Integrated Plan (SIP)  and to serve as a talent management tool. The PDP promotes employees working together to achieve their full potential in their jobs. It also provides a tool to document objectives, capture feedback and inform career development discussions.

The purpose of giving feedback should be to begin a dialogue so both parties come to greater shared understanding, where, as a starting point you communicate:

  • your understanding/interpretation of a situation or circumstances
  • your expectations
  • your appreciation (if appropriate)

The purpose of giving feedback to someone is to change them. That’s not something you can do as a manager or peer; only the person themselves can initiate change.

Professional Development Process (PDP)

The PDP is designed for employees and managers to work together to help employees reach their full potential in their jobs. It is mandatory for Administrative Technical Exempt and Administrative Management employees.

The PDP is now online in our Halogen TalentSpace and use your Carleton credentials to log in.

Setting Your Objectives

Each fiscal you will be asked to set your objectives by meeting with your manager to understand how your projects and other tasks in your job relate to achieving the Departmental objectives and Strategic Integrated Plan of the University.

Your Halogen TalentSpace will facilitate the recording objectives for ongoing feedback during the Professional Development Process Cycle and provide you a workflow for review and approval by management.

Updating Your Objectives

Your My Performance dashboard will provide you access to update Objectives and Development Plans, track feedback and recognition, upload documents as well as view the history of your evaluations as you use the tool.

Tools and Resources to Set and Update Objectives

Quick Reference Guide for managing Objectives in the TalentSpace is available: Staff Objective Writing Quick Reference Guide , Management Objective Writing Guide and Guide to Writing SMART Objectives.  We also have samples of objectives you may use to help develop your skills in writing objectives.

Update your objectives ongoing through the PDP cycle under the My Performance Tab, My Objectives link.  These quick references guides will provide quick how to tips for staff and management.

Probationary Reviews

All new term & continuing employees must undergo an probationary review. The purpose of this review is to assess suitability and facilitate employee development.

Two forms need to be completed and returned to your designated HR Advisor during the probationary period:

The probationary review period is 6 months for all union groups, except Administrative Management, which is 12 months.

Development Plans

Learning and Professional Development Services are able to assist managers in supporting the ongoing development of their team member.  Advice is available for  managers on how to provide developmental feedback through fierce conversations and learning experiences for their team members.

Fierce Conversations is a leadership development and training company that drives results by improving workplace communication. Having Fierce Conversations promotes respect, honestly and accountability in our organization. The Foundations workshop covers: the foundational principles, team, coaching, delegation and confrontation conversations. You can find out more information at Fierce Conversations at their website here:

For information on Learning and Development programs and to register for workshops click here.

If individual performance challenges arise, Human Resources is available to assist managers in identifying and applying corrective measures.