Welcome to the Carleton Centre for the Study of Islam (CCSI). The Centre is a university institution of learning and research on Islam and Muslims in the capital of Canada. It was founded in 2008 with generous support from members from the community and Carleton University. Carleton’s Board of Governors, Administration, and staff members have been instrumental in establishing this unique institution in Ottawa. CCSI operates as an academic and non-denominational Centre engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and human advancement, in accordance with the constitution of Carleton University.  The Centre addresses the thought, practices, institutions, and civilizations shaped by Muslims in historical and contemporary times.

CCSI’s mandate includes the arrangement of seminars and public lectures as well as the development of a hub in Ottawa for scholars and students engaged in the study of Islam and Muslims, networking with similar academic institutions, and facilitating faculty exchanges. Members of the University and the public are welcome to participate in CCSI events. I invite you to sign up for our mailing list through the Contact page. The Centre looks forward to your ongoing feedback and to your support.

Professor Karim H. Karim
Director, Carleton Centre for the Study of Islam
Carleton University