Whether you are working towards professional advancement in your field, beginning a new career, or interested in applying these skills in a personal or community context, Carleton University’s Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution (GDCR) will help you develop the knowledge and skills to improve your ability to intervene in a variety of conflict contexts.


The GDCR (formerly Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution) is a university-accredited program founded by Dr. Cheryl Picard, and is offered at the graduate level through the Department of Law and Legal Studies. The diploma is unique in Canada and engages students in contemporary theories and practices of conflict resolution with a special emphasis on building students’ capacity for the constructive prevention, management and resolution of conflict.

What makes the Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution program distinctive?

  • Faculty – students are taught by individuals who are both researchers and practitioners in their field of specialization.
  • Insight Mediation and the Insight Approach to Conflict – core teachings within the Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution curriculum, developed at Carleton Univeristy by researchers, theorists and highly skilled practitioners.
  • Independent Learning Initiative (ILI)- is a core component of each course. The ILI involves journaling, role-playing and self-insight activities that encourage students to become aware of their strengths and challenges as conflict practitioners.
  • Skills Assessment – Undertaken after the completion of all course work, the Skills assessment provides students with a clear indication of their level  of competency to work as a sole practitioner.
  • Insight Mediation Coaching Program– while preparing for their Skills Assessments, students become a part of a “Community of Practice” where they are coached and mentored by alumni of the Graduate Diploma Conflict Resolution.

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