Late Spring 2017 Session

Class Notes

As readings become available they will be posted on this page. Please check back regularly for updates!

Lecture series 1

Fakes, Forgeries and Fame: The Art of Deception

Erica Claus

Lecture series 2

Aboriginal Rights in Canada

James Hendry

Lecture series 3

From Longhouse to Lumber to Legislation: An Anecdotal History of Ottawa

Phil Jenkins

Lecture series 4

Behind the Headlines: Current News and World Events

Dr. Elliot Tepper

  • Lecture series outline – not applicable

Lecture series 5

Stories From Our Lives: Remembering Through Food

Dr. Anna Rumin

Lecture series 6

Remembering Through Reading: The Stories of My Life

Dr. Anna Rumin

Lecture series 7

An Introduction to Reggae and Jamaican Music

Keith McCuaig

Lecture series 8

Canadian Arctic Security in Context

Dr. Andrea Charron

Lecture series 9

Plato’s Republic

Dr. Gregory MacIsaac

Lecture series 10

Digesting Notions of Healthy Eating in Canada

Andrea Noriega

Lecture series 11

A Flourishing Art: Sculpture and Architecture in the Gardens and Woods of Italian Renaissance Villas

Dr. Susanne McColeman

Lecture series 12

In Defense of Politics

Dr. Colin Cordner