Fourth Year Projects 2014-2015

Fourth Year Projects 2014-2015

2014-2015 Project Information


Please find below the 2014-15 Student Project Assignments.

Please find below the link to the recorded Capstone session on Wednesday February 12, 2014.

In addition to other prerequisites, to be eligible for your 4th year project you must have 4th year engineering status, in particular you must have successfully completed all of your 2nd year requirements.

Below, you will find powerpoint presentations for each project.

Project Descriptions:

Project 1:
Fixed-Wing Unmanned Air Vehicle
Project Manager: Prof. Andrei Artemev
Mondays 8:35 – 11:25 3103 CB

Project 2:
Project Manager: Bruce Burlton
Mondays 8:35 – 11:25 6065 MC

Project 3:
Project Manager: Glen Clarke
Mondays 8:35 – 11:25 3149 ME

Project 4:
Gas Turbine
Project Manager: Prof. H. Saari
Fridays 8:35 – 11:25 6065 MC

Project 5:
CUSP-Carleton University Simulator Project
Project Manager: Prof. R.G. Langlois
Fridays 8:35 – 11:25 3103 CB

Project 6:
Crash Test Dummy
Project Manager: Prof. A. Speirs
Fridays 8:35 – 11:25 3124 ME

Project 7:
High-Performance Housing
Project Manager: Prof. G. McRae
Mondays 8:35 – 11:25 4494 ME

Project 8:
Rotary-Wing Unmanned Air Vehicle
Project Manager: Prof. D. Feszty
Fridays 8:35 – 11:25 3149 ME

Project 9:
Hybrid Natural Gas Vehicle
Project Manager: Prof. E. Matida
Mondays 8:35 – 11:25 3356 ME

The MAE Capstone Project-Marking Guidelines is provided to Lead Engineers and students involved in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Capstone Design Projects as guidance to carry out and interpret performance evaluations on the projects.

If you have any questions, please contact the Projects Co-ordinator: Prof. Xin Wang or you may contact the departmental office at (613) 520-8308.

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