The School of Mathematics and Statistics recognizes that transitioning from high school to university can be quite a leap.  Even students with high academic achievement in high school may find the programs at university immensely challenging.  In order to support students in achieving their goals and succeeding academically, we have implemented the following resources:

NEW !!!

Learning Assistance Coordinator position. Math & Stats has created a new position. The Learning Assistance Coordinator is a pilot project position created to further offer assistance to our students, teaching assistants, faculty, and our School as a whole. This position will focus on working in our Math Tutorial Centre to assist our honours and general level students, continue to coordinate the MS-LAP project, provide training workshops and assign duties for teaching assistants, mentor our students, provide problem solving workshops, coordinate Math Matters programs….We are very excited and anxious to get started with this position. Kyle Harvey begins this position March 20th. Please feel free to contact him if you have any questions regarding how this new position can assist you.

Mathematics and Statistics Learning Assistance Program (MS-LAP) utilizes new technologies to offer first year students additional resources and study aides developed by trained program facilitators and our program coordinators.

CLOSED reading week Fall & Winter Term

At the Math Tutorial Centre (MTC), Teaching Assistants are available to help Monday through Friday. They are well qualified to answer questions, and are there to help.

If further assistance is required, highly qualified tutors are available for one-on-one tutoring sessions. They can provide individual support for you at your convenience. 

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is now supporting two mathematics courses. Join your classmates in a relaxed and informal study session! Visit their website to learn more about PASS. Courses supported by this program are Math 1004 and Math 1007.

Winter 2017 sessions

Science Student Success Centre

The SSSC was created specifically to address the needs of students in the Faculty of Science. Faculty of Science Student Resources offer one-on-one mentoring sessions, information sessions on career and research exploration, workshops on lab reports and exam preparation, resources for academic success, and much more!

Come and see us in the Mathematics and Statistics main office, 4302 Herzberg Laboratories for information on any of these learning assistance resources. Please send your feedback on our learning assistance programs to