It is my sincerest pleasure to invite you to Model NATO 2016.

MNATO is a competitive simulation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization hosted by the Centre for Security and Defence Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. Sponsored by NATO itself, this conference is the only one of its kind in Canada.

This year, Model NATO will take place from February 18th to 21st 2016.

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Model NATO offers a unique opportunity for talented students to research and debate some of the most pressing issues facing the Organization today. The scope of NATO’s operations and undertakings presents students with a myriad of contemporary topics: from piracy, to peacebuilding, cybersecurity and many more, Model NATO seeks to foster awareness of the Organization’s wide-ranging involvement in regional and global security.

International organizations are in constant flux, and NATO is no exception. Since its inception, NATO has evolved according to shifts in the geopolitical landscape, and in relation to the interests and priorities of both member and non-member states.

To shed light on the extent to which NATO’s role in the global theatre has changed, MNATO is proud to announce that in addition to our traditional roster of committees, we will once again be holding an historical North Atlantic Council and crisis committee to be announced in the coming months . This committee will function independently of all other committees, and will compel delegates to explore NATO’s role in years past, as well as to reflect on how that role has evolved, or perhaps on how things remain similar.

Model NATO has long had a reputation for its emphasis on accurate representation and realistic simulations – as such, students can expect rigorous debate in a fast-paced and competitive environment, in addition to the opportunity to gain insight from our keynote speakers. In the spirit of conference fun, delegates are also invited to attend our Pub Night social, held at one of Ottawa’s many popular night-spots.

Join us this winter for an exciting and challenging weekend of debate, embassy visits, networking, keynote speakers and competition!

I look forward to seeing you,


George Stairs

Project Manager & Director General