The Search Committee held consultations with the University community on March 20 and 21. Two shortlisted candidates met with faculty, students, staff and university leaders during small meetings and a town-hall presentation session. The committee is grateful for the feedback received from those who were able to meet with the candidates. We also received concerns from those who were unable to attend the town-hall meetings. Unfortunately it is never possible to arrange these meetings at times when everyone can attend, however, the Search Committee understands the disappointment from those who could not meet with the candidates because of teaching and/or other commitments.

The Search Committee has had further meetings to discuss the feedback and has sought references prior to making its recommendation to the President. The search has now moved into the final silent phase and there will be no further announcements until the completion of the process.

Peter Ricketts
Chair, FED Decanal Search Committee

April 24, 2017

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