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The Carleton Academic Plan (CAP) sets out its integrated approach to enriching the student learning experience centred on the critical and creative inquiry initiative. The critical and creative inquiry Initiative, an institution-wide approach, focuses upon the integration of teaching and research, the value and importance of students engaging in experiential and international learning opportunities, and the potential to expand innovation and discovery into the curriculum.

Ultimately Carleton will be defined by the quality of its academic programs. Goal 1 of the CAP, Improvement and Support Academic Quality and Development under the theme of Academic Development, speaks specifically to the ongoing improvement of academic programs.

The Office of the Associate Vice-President (Academic) manages curriculum renewal in accordance with established policy and procedures and approval processes. In the fall of each year, program and course changes are submitted for consideration and approval by Senate Committees and Senate. Approved changes are incorporated into the Undergraduate Calendar and the Graduate Calendar e-published in the winter term.

New programs approvals and cyclical program reviews are undertaken in collaboration with the Office of Quality Assurance (Academic Programs). Visit the Office of Quality Assurance website for additional information.

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