Effective July 1, 2015 the Carleton University Psychology Research Ethics Board is no longer in operation. All psychology-based ethics protocols will be processed by the Carleton University Research Ethics Board -B (CUREB–B). Please go to http://carleton.ca/curo/about-us/policies/ for all related policies and new procedures. The existing psychology ethics website will be accessible until mid-October to facilitate transition. However,   all students and faculty are to follow the policies and procedures as outlined under CUREB-B. If you have questions please contact Shelley Brown, Chair, CUREB-B.


Welcome to the website for the Carleton University Psychology Research Ethics Board! On this site you will find information about the review process and how to submit your ethics application.

All research involving human participants that is associated with a faculty member (including Adjunct Faculty) or a student in the Department of Psychology at Carleton must be reviewed and approved by the Research Ethics Board. This includes all funded and unfunded research conducted at Carleton, as well as research conducted off campus (e.g., businesses, hospitals, prisons, schools).

Note: If your research involves the secondary analysis of archival data that is also anonymous (i.e., identifying information, such as names were NEVER collected at any stage of the research), you do not need to seek approval from the Research Ethics Board.