Students Admitted with an English as a Second Language Requirement (ESLR): Foundation Program required

You must register in one or more ESLA course(s) starting in your first term of study. You must satisfy the ESLR within one calendar year of your first term of registration.

Step One: Register according to your ESLA placement (see Administrative Holds)

In Carleton Central:

Look under ‘ADMINISTRATIVE HOLDS’ to see the ESLA course you must take. You may first see an ‘English Language Requirement’ hold that will block access to registration. After the English test results you submitted with your application have been reviewed, a new hold with your ESLA placement will be added to Carleton Central.

Register in this ESLA course as soon as possible; space is limited. If you are planning on studying in the winter term, register in the next level of ESLA in the winter as soon as your fall registration is complete.

Register in any additional credits you are permitted to take (maximum course loads are also listed in your ESLA hold). Take courses required for your program.

Please note:

Students admitted to an Undergraduate degree program (eg Bachelor of Arts):

The ESLA hold will indicate the maximum number of other credit(s) an undergraduate degree student is permitted to register in during a fall or winter term.

Special Students:

During a fall or winter term, Special students may only take ESLA plus another 0.5 credit each term regardless of the course load listed in Carleton Central.

If you have been admitted with an ESLR, you must register according to your ESLA hold (ESLA level and course load restrictions).  Any student admitted with an ESLR (Foundation Program required) who has not registered correctly will be deregistered from all courses for the term. This includes those students registered in credit courses without the correct ESLA registration (including registration in the wrong level of ESLA), those registered in more credits than their ESL Hold type indicates, and those registered with out-of-date placements.  Please ensure that you are correctly registered in your courses.  For more information, see the Undergraduate Calendar.

Please Note: If the level of your English as a Second Language (ESLA) placement is below the acceptable level for admission to Carleton University, you are not permitted to register in credit courses at the University at this time.

 Step Two: Activate your Carleton Email Account

Make sure you have activated your Student Computing Account (which includes your MyCarleton email account) by visiting The university only communicates with students via this official email account. Remember to check your email account regularly.

For more information about credit ESLA courses, the Foundation Program and the ESLR, visit the SLaLS website, email SLaLS, or telephone (613) 520-6612, or come in person to 358 St. Patrick’s Building.