The Vice-President (Research and International) is responsible and accountable for the implementation of policies and procedures governing research compliance. Carleton University endorses the principles cited in the Tri-Council Agreement, and has mandated its Ethics committees and boards to ensure that all research is in compliance with that document.

Carleton University has four boards and committees, that are mandated to approve, reject, propose modifications to, suspend, or terminate any proposed or ongoing research:

  • Research Ethics Board (REB): CUREB-A & CUREB-B
  • Animal Care Committee
  • Biosafety Committee

All research and teaching, funded or unfunded, involving humans participants and/or human biological samples, animals or biohazards must first be reviewed by and receive approval from the appropriate board or committee before research can begin. Access to funds (if applicable) only occurs after all of the required certificates and approvals are in place.

The role of the Office of Research Ethics and Compliance is to:

  • Ensure the compliance and ethical integrity of all research done under the auspice of Carleton University
  • Ensure that all research is conducted in accordance with applicable international, federal and provincial guidelines, legislation and regulations
  • Support the research community to enable the highest standards of research

For assistance preparing grant proposals, contracts, and to prepare reports and budgets contact the Carleton University Research Office