The Department of Systems and Computer Engineering maintains close collaboration with major industrial partners. Our research is supported by a wide array of industrial leaders including, IBM, Intel, Mitel, Alcatel, Ericsson, Telus, RIM, Huawei among others.

  • Telus and Huawei have jointly supported their only joint laboratory in “Cloud Computing” in the world.
  • Texas Instruments has donated a Laboratory for embedded systems research and teaching, this is one of the only Texas Instruments research and teaching laboratories in the world and our relationship with Texas Instruments has evolved over two decades of cooperation.
  • Alcatel has sponsored a research laboratory which is one of only 8 in the world and the only one in Canada. They have recognized our research strength in computer and network communications.
  • Mitel Networks has sponsored a laboratory in advanced communication.

These international companies recognize the world leading research and teaching being done in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering. Other international companies such as IBM and Intel have been involve in research collaboration. There are numerous other companies that are involved in collaborative research with our distinguished faculty members. Please contact our faculty members and discover their exciting research projects.