Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Programs

mentor [men-tawr] noun:

Mentors are people who choose to invest time and energy in supporting other individuals, usually those who are following a similar path.  Mentors have a myriad of roles that they play – a guide, a role model, a confidant and a friend – all with the purpose of helping their mentee define and achieve success. Mentors will play both formal and informal roles in their mentees’ lives; ultimately, however, their goal is to support their mentees academically, personally and professionally. Actively engaging in the lives of your mentees is important for establishing the type of relationship that will contribute to student success.

Mentors are not counsellors, doctors, parents, legal professionals, tutors or academic advisors, but they do direct mentees to these services as necessary.

mentee [men-tee] noun:

As a mentee, you are someone who has sought out support as you transition, opportunities to get involved, and ultimately, a person to guide you through your first year of university.  Already, by looking to the First-in-Family Mentorship Program, you are taking advantage of the supports available to you and demonstrating that you are the kind of person who wants to succeed. The peer-to-peer learning which is the premise of this program means that both you and your mentors will discover things you didn’t know before, whether about yourself, your school or your abilities.

Our Mission

Carleton University is dedicated to ensuring students get the support they need to meet their academic, social and personal goals. Mentoring is a great way to make connections with members of the Carleton community who can help you navigate life at the university. Mentors are trained upper-year students who have the benefit of having gone through it before and can help guide you toward success by speaking from experience and introducing you to the various support services available on campus.

Co-Curricular Record

Consider getting involved in the First-in-Family Mentorship Program, either as a mentee or a mentor! This opportunity is available to add to your Co-Curricular Record if you do decide to participate.