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focus1The Carleton University Survey Centre Focus Group Room is located in the Richcraft Hall on the Carleton University campus.  The facility includes a table that seats twelve, audio and video recording capacity, a large flat screen television and a DVD player.  There is an observation room with one-way glass as well as a waiting room for multiple groups.

focus2Pay parking is available in the parking garage in the building.

The Centre staff can provide a full range of focus group services including; recruitment, hostessing, moderating, recording and transcription and a professional report.

The room can be booked weekdays, weekends and evenings throughout the year.

Focus Group Costs per Evening

Recruitment $65 to $100 per recruit
Facilities including hostess, audio/video taping $750
Refreshments starting at $20 per participant
Professional Moderator $1,250
Transcription $500
Professional Report $2,000


For more information or to request a booking, contact Heather Pyman at or call 613-520-7420