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CRN Subj. Crse. Sec. Title Instructor
           DPE Courses   (Registration restricted to DPE students only.)
13790 PADM 5113 D Research Methods & Design I Varughese, Anil
13802 PADM 5272 D Policy Sem. (Poli. Analy. Con) Shepherd, Robert
           MA-SEP Courses  (Registration restricted to students within the MA in Sustainable Energy policy.)
14452 SERG 5000 W Cross Discipl. Sustain. Energy Mallett, Alexandra
           MA Courses
13788 PADM 5111 W Microeconomics-Policy Analysis Ammi, Mehdi
13789 PADM 5112 W Macroeconomics Policy Analysis Stewart, Jennifer
13791 PADM 5113 W Research Methods & Design I Raggo, Paloma
13792 PADM 5114 W Research Methods & Design II Schwartz, Saul
13793 PADM 5115 E Intro. to State & Society Gagnon, Marc Andre
13794 PADM 5115 W Intro. to State & Society Gagnon, Marc Andre
13795 PADM 5116 A Policy Analysis & Contemp. Gov Toner, Glen
13796 PADM 5116 W Policy Analysis & Contemp. Gov Pal, Leslie
13797 PADM 5117 A Public Management Robson, Jennifer
13798 PADM 5117 W Public Management Melessanakis, Vlasios
13799 PADM 5211 W Intergovernmental Relations Van Loon, Richard
13800 PADM 5218 W Analysis of Socio-Econ. Data Galdo, Jose
13801 PADM 5227 W Education Policy Jackson, Edward
13803 PADM 5272 W Policy Sem. (Poli. Analy. Con): Risk Assessment and Management Bob Whitelaw
13805 PADM 5412 W Ethics & Accoun. Public Sector Shepherd, Robert
15078 PADM 5415 W Strategic Management in the Public Sector Stoney, Christopher
TBA PADM 5416 W Budgetary Management for the Public Sector Thangaraj, Arun
13806 PADM 5420 W Policy & Program Evaluation Pal, Leslie
13807 PADM 5422 W Urban & Local Government Stoney, Christopher
13809 PADM 5472 B Policy Sem. (Public Mang. Con):
Information Technology and Public Administration
Clarke, Amanda
13810 PADM 5472* M Policy Sem. (Public Mang. Con) Robson, Jennifer
13811 PADM 5472 W Policy Sem. (Public Mang. Con):
Understanding and Acquiring Public Service Skills – Managing Policy and Process in a Federal Government Policy Organization
Vrana, Ivan
13813 PADM 5510* W Energy Economics Schott, Stephan
13814 PADM 5572* F Policy Seminar Slater, Robert
13815 PADM 5611 W Science & Technology Policies Mallett, Alexandra
15085 PADM 5619 W Urban Sustainability Hilton, Robert
13816 PADM 5620 W Science, Poli. & Econ. Global Toner, Glen
13817 PADM 5672* B Policy Seminar Inno. Sc. & Env:
Energy Economics
Schott, Stephan
13818 PADM 5672* W Policy Seminar Inno. Sc. & Env Slater, Robert
13821 PADM 5815 W Civil Society Org & Develop. Levine, Barbara
13822 PADM 5816 W Program Evalu. in Devel. Coun. Galdo, Jose
13823 PADM 5872* A Policy Sem. (Int. & Dev. Conc):
The Politics and Policy of Water
Slater, Robert
           MA Directed Study, Research Essay, etc.
13804 PADM 5291 W Dir. Std. (Policy Analy. Conc) ** Departmental approval required
13812 PADM 5491 W Direct. Std. (Pub. Mang. Conc) ** Departmental approval required
13819 PADM 5691 W Directed Std. Inv. Sci & Env. ** Departmental approval required
13824 PADM 5891 W Dir. Studi Intern. & Dev. Con. ** Departmental approval required
13825 PADM 5908 W Research Essay ** Departmental approval required
13826 PADM 5909 W M.A. Thesis ** Departmental approval required
13827 PADM 5913 W Co-operative Work Term ** Departmental approval required
           PhD Courses
13828 PADM 6112 W Policy Institutions and Process Winer, Stanley
13829 PADM 6113 W Public Policy Analysis Stewart, Jennifer
13830 PADM 6200 W Doctoral Seminar Schwartz, Saul
13831 PADM 6901 W Ph.D. Specialization Tutorial ** Departmental approval required
13832 PADM 6909 W Ph.D. Thesis ** Departmental approval required

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