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, Volume 7 

Carleton Graduate Journal of Art

The Art History Graduate Student’s Society (AHGSS) is pleased to announce the seventh edition of RENDER, a graduate journal centred around the study of art and visual culture. This year’s edition is focused on fulfilling RENDER’s mission to showcase quality graduate work of Carleton students working in the fields of the history and theory of art, photography, film, visual culture, museum and curatorial studies, cultural studies, and material culture.

This year, RENDER will be accepting interdisciplinary submissions from graduate students from multiple departments including Art History, Films Studies, Music and Culture (SSAC), Curatorial Studies and Cultural Mediations (ICSLAC), History, English, Communications, Political Economy, Department of Architecture, Heritage Conservation, Indigenous and Canadian Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology and Digital Humanities.

The nature of submissions can range from exhibition reviews, course papers or journal articles on a range of topics. Thesis chapters may also be submitted for consideration. Submissions which contribute to the academic discourse of the history of art and visual culture are encouraged, but interdisciplinary papers in the subject areas listed above are also welcome. We ask that submissions be 10-25 double spaced pages in length.

Please send journal submissions to by the deadline: May 3, 2019.