Kendra Anderson

Kendra Anderson is a secondyear MA Student in theArt History department. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) with a Double Extended Minor in Visual arts and Art History. There she worked in sculptural work and print media, while perusing her love of Art History. Through the university she was chosen to take part in their internship program in connection to The Reach Gallery Museum, where she curated two exhibitions of her own. There she also served on the board of directors as the UFV student representative on behalf of the Visual Arts Student Association. In reconnecting to and reclaiming her Metis heritage as Germanic/Celtic/Anishinabek, she is focusing her research on Indigenous female Artists and their role in the decolonialization of the art institution.

Kiana Darvish

Kiana Darvish is a second year MA student in the Art History program. Her research is focused on Persian contemporary artists as well as Iranian diasporic art. In the Spring of 2019, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a specialization in painting, at the University of Ottawa. For her undergraduate thesis exhibition, she created a series of portraits/self-portrait of Iranian immigrants, being an Iranian immigrant herself, to bring into conversation the canon of portraiture as well as the Iranian diaspora. This series was shown in her graduating exhibition, “MERIDIAN.” She has participated in multiple “Iran Days,” a convention that showcases Iranian talent and culture, held in June of every year at the City Hall of Ottawa.

Graduate Student Emily Lu

Emily Lu

Emily Lu is a second-year MA student who received her undergraduate degree from Carleton in Business Commerce (International Business) with a minor in Art History. Her current research interest includes contemporary Chinese art in traditional medium and its associations to Chinese religions. She has worked in the marketing department as a trade showcoordinator in a medical enterprise and as a student assistant in the Defence and Security sector of Global Affairs Canada. In addition, she also has experience in teaching mandarin. Over the years, she has worked with watercolour, graphic designs, digital illustration, and photography.

Phoebe Sampe

Phoebe is a second-year candidate in the Art History MA program. She completed her Honours BA in Art History at the University of Ottawa in 2018. She was also awarded a Special Achievement in Art History from the department. Phoebe has worked at contemporary art galleries in Ottawa, such as Studio 66 and L.A. Pai Gallery. She has also co-curated several exhibitions at the University of Ottawa and commercial galleries within the city.This academic year, Phoebe will be working as the student Research Assistant at CUAG. Her current research centres around evolving institutional practices, primarily the push towards public participation and how social media is influencing this trend.

Graduate Student Gracia Tenorio Pearl

Gracia Tenorio Pearl

Gracia is a second year-candidate in the MA Art History program and a Curatorial Studies graduate. She holds a previous MA in International Affairs with specialization in International Development, from Carleton University, and a BA in Science of Communications, from UPAEP, Mexico. She is currently writing her research project on contemporary indigenous art from Mexico and Canada. She has been recipient of the awards Reesa Greenberg, Departmental scholarship, and a Children’s Museology Fellowship with the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Culture. She has also acted as a Spanish Teacher Assistant for the School of Linguistics and Language Studies.In term of practicums, Gracia has participated as Research Assistant for the Heritage and Curatorial Services, Senate of Canada (2020), at UNAM’s Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo (MUAC), in Mexico (2019), and as a volunteer at the Library and Archives, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa (2018).Just before COVID-19 hit, she had been invited to participate as speaker at the Graduate History Association 2020 Conference, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA.

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca Watson is a second-year MA student in the Art History program, after having completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Nipissing University. Rebecca’s research interests include utilizing a feminist and queer perspective to explore the intersection of themes such as sexuality, mythology, and body politics throughout both history and new media.

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Ashley Carmichael

Originally from Sudbury, Ontario, Ashley is a first-year MA Art History student. She completed her BA in Greek and Roman Studies at Carleton with a Minor in Art History. Her research interests include contemporary Filipino and Chinese art of North America from a global art history perspective. In her spare time, she enjoys critiquing (mostly roasting) books, films, and food.

Graduate Student Sarah Hearn

Sarah Hearn

Sarah is a first-year student in the Art History MA programme. She holds a BA, also from Carleton University, in Art History with a minor in Arts Management. Her research interests lay primarily in 17th-century Italian art, especially around the life and works of Artemisia Gentileschi and her impact on the art world. She also has an interest in 18th – 19th century British and French art and its use as a tool for marketing and propaganda.

Rebecca Korn

Rebecca Korn is a first year MA candidate in the Art History program. She completed her Honours BA in Art History at Carleton University in 2020. Her undergraduate experiences include her FASS summer (2020) research internship regarding photography’s unique capacity to contribute to a multi-perspectival global art history, a practicum at the Canada Council Art Bank, curating Lise Melhorn-Boe’s fourtieth retrospective exhibition at Kingston’s Window Art Gallery titled Con·nec·tion and subsequently publishing the essay she wrote to accompany the exhibition. Her current interests include critically approaching the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods through a multi-perspectival global art history lens to shed light on histories and narratives often ignored by the historicist notion of one “objective” history. She is also interested in how contemporary artists who are working within the global art history framework may strategically use certain mediums, such as photography, to engage with a multiplicity of perspectives, histories and narratives.

Graduate Student Evangeline Mann

Evangeline Mann

Evangeline is a first-year student in the MA, Art History program at Carleton University. She graduated from the University of Guelph with a BA (Honours), Art Historyin 2020. Her research interests include contemporary art, photography, curatorial practices and museum studies. She has completed a practicum at Guelph Arts Council in Guelph, Ontario for the Guelph Emerging Artist Mentorship Project, and has also worked at the Inuit Art Foundation in Toronto, Ontario. Evangeline has additionally presented her various undergraduate research projects at University of Guelph academic conferences, such as the From Parchment to Pixels Colloquium and the International Women’s Day Conference: Research and Revolt! in March 2020, as well as the Undergraduate European Studies Conference in November 2018.

Graduate Student Eryn O'Neill

Eryn O’Neill

Born in Ottawa, Eryn O’Neill holds a BFA from NSCAD University, and an MFA from the University of Waterloo. She is an MA Candidate at Carleton University in Art History and Curatorial Studies. Her paintings study an urban space in transition through the perspective of a pedestrian. The paintings are the product of months of repetitive outings, in all conditions, to gather enough information, visually and mentally, to create sensory charged paintings suggestive of a figure navigating an urban environment. Her research will include how artists how implemented ground transportation and construction into their work, and the visual documentarian impact that has served, specifically in Canadian Art. Her most recent solo exhibition,Ottawa Underground is the start of a series of paintings celebrating the infrastructure related to the newly implemented LRT system in Ottawa. Eryn attended the Vermont Studio Centre in 2016 and the Golden Foundation Artist in Residence in March 2019. Herwork will be part of a group exhibition in New Berlin, New York in April 2020. A multiple Ontario Arts Council Grant recipient, and a recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Award and most recently, Eryn was awarded a City of Ottawa Production and Creation Grant in 2020. Along with her Graduate Degree, Eryn maintatins a studio space at the Rectory House in the Byward Market. Her work can be seen at

Emma Sabry

Emma is a first-year MA student in the Art History program at Carleton. She completed her Honours Bachelor degree from the University of Toronto in History and Art History. Emma’s research interest focus’ on museum education and incorporating the visual arts to teach history in classroom learning. She also has a fascination and love for Ancient Greek art and pottery.

Haruka Toyoda

Haruka is a first-year M.A. student in the Art History Program. She received her B.A. and M.A. in Architecture, both from Waseda University in Japan. While pursuing her B.A., she has worked at an architectural design office in Tokyo to design the exhibit for the 15th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition. She has also worked at Japan Broadcasting Center to design several TV sets using the skills she earned by studio experiences during her B.A. She enjoys designing space and visiting historical buildings around the world. Her M.A. thesis focused on looking at comparisons between Inuit and Japanese art to investigate Inuit’s awareness of space expressed in prints. She loved exploring how culture can be formed by art and how art can play a role to form human history. Other than that, her current interest lies in global art history, contemporary art, indigenous art, and museum studies.

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Emma Biberdorf

Tamara Bukva

Haley Menard