Soar Like A Raven

The Centre for Aboriginal Culture and Education’s (CACE) “Soar Like A Raven” Aboriginal student recruitment tour flies across Ontario and parts of Quebec with the Aboriginal Post-Secondary Information Program (APSIP) speaking to First Nations, Inuit and Métis students, who range from elementary to mature. CACE is inspired by the enthusiasm and talent of prospective Aboriginal students in every community we tour.

CACE’s “Soar Like A Raven” tour also visits high schools in the Ottawa-Gatineau region to give more detailed workshops about Carleton University and what it has to offer prospective Aboriginal students. A current Carleton student accompanies CACE on these trips so high school students can get a first-hand account of what it’s like at Carleton.

Aboriginal high school students have soared over to Carleton from all directions (British Columbia to Nunavut!) with the help of CACE.

If you’re a teacher or guidance counsellor (elementary, high school, college and alternative) interested in working with CACE to promote post-secondary options to your students, contact us.

There are supports in place to help students apply to Carleton. Applying to university can be intimidating. The admissions process itself can seem confusing and complicated, and the temptation to “just forget it” can be strong. For people coming from small communities or rural areas, returning to school as a mature student (sometimes after having cared for children or worked for years before making this choice), or from many other backgrounds, the process may seem even more challenging. CACE is always here to help, so contact us.