Your grades for Fall term courses (i.e. courses ending in December) will be available on Carleton Central sometime after the completion of your course.

The exact date that your grade will be available depends on how quickly your instructor submits the grades for the course. The instructor has until January 15, 2021, to submit final grades. Once submitted, it will take a few days for the final grades to be approved by the Departmental Chair and the Dean of the Faculty that administers your course.

Grades appearing in cuLearn are not considered final. Final grades appear in Carleton Central when approved. You may access this via the MyCarleton Portal. You will be able to see your grade on Carleton Central by selecting “Display Grades” in the main menuĀ under Student Records > myGrades. You will then be asked to select the term (i.e. year and semester) that you wish to view. Since you can view all grades from any previous academic session, remember to select the most recent term to see your latest grades.

Only courses with final grades will appear, so don’t be alarmed if one or two of your courses aren’t listed. The final grade for a particular course may not be available yet.

Please note that if you have any outstanding fees for the fall term, access to your Fall final grades will be withheld until the University receives payment. Once payment is received, the relevant holds will be expired automatically and your final grades will be viewable.