Why Add Hypothetical Courses?

The hypothetical audit can also help you determine what courses you should register in for the upcoming year. It allows you to add hypothetical courses to your audit to see where courses should fit into your degree requirements prior to registration.

You can even assign grades to your hypothetical courses to determine how your CGPA’s will change, if you succeed with your goal in that hypothetical course.

REMEMBER: Adding a hypothetical course is not the same as registering in a class. To actually register in a course, click on Add/Drop courses section on Carleton Central and be sure to check for required pre-requisites before registering in your classes.

There are a few points you need to know about your hypothetical audit:

  • Keep in mind that you might plan hypothetical courses which may not be offered in the term you wish to take them.
  • You can assign grades to your hypothetical courses to see how your CGPA’s will change if you earn the grades you hope to earn in your hypothetical courses. You can do this simply by changing the grade of HYP to a letter grade on the drop-down menu
  • The edit function allows you to change the term, course, or grade for your hypothetical courses.
  • You can delete hypothetical courses by selecting the course that you want to delete (place a checkmark beside the course you want to delete) and clicking the “delete hypothetical courses” button. The courses will remain on the audit until another audit is run.

Please note course offerings are subject to change from year to year; ensure you check the courses in your hypothetical plan to see if they are actually offered in the year and/or term that you plan on taking them.