Coordinated Accessibility Strategy Activity Update

With the Governance Structure now in place, the Action Planning Working Groups and the Executive Champion leads have begun work in their areas of focus. This structure has  created unique partnership opportunities between READ and the groups from the respective university departments they represent.

Focus Area Executive Champion Title
Education and Training Dwight Deugo Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President (Academic)
Employee and Employment Support Cindy Taylor Assistant Vice-President

(Human Resources)

Information and Communications Marc Dabros Chief Information Officer
Physical Campus Gary Nower Assistant Vice-President

(Facilities Management and Planning)

Research and Development Rafik Goubran Vice-President

(Research and International)

Student Services Larry McCloskey Director, Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities
Coordination and Leadership Boris Vukovic

Adrian Chan

Director, READ Initiative

Professor, Department Systems and Computer Engineering; Director READi

Accessibility Building Audits

The Physical Campus Action Planning Working Group is currently engaged in a comprehensive audit of accessibility. Utilizing the Rick Hansen Accessibility Certification (RHFAC) program, all buildings on campus will receive a Rick Hansen or Rick Hansen Gold Certification. Check out this article from last year to learn more about the work that is making the physical campus more accessible:

Student Accessibility Champions

CAS has also created a project to provide opportunity for students to develop their skills and expand their knowledge awareness and understanding about accessibility.  The Student Accessibility Champions will help support the Accessibility Action Plans, both on campus and within the larger community outside of the University.  This Project was initiated as a FutureFunder campaign initiative.  For more information visit:  Student Accessibility Champions and stay tuned to find out more!

Every Idea Counts!

We are counting on you to share your ideas and add your voice to the ongoing conversation that will help inform the good work that has been done as well as the work that we know still needs to be done to advance Carleton University’s leadership position as the most accessible campus in Canada.