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On the eve of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we introduced CAN (the Canadian Accessibility Network); the new Pan-Canadian, multi-sectoral community that is advancing accessibility in Canada and beyond.

This single-day immersive event brought together present and future CAN partners to engage in thought provoking idea-sharing forums to yield those collective moments of inspiration that tackle barriers to accessibility and create change.

Graphic Recording

Below is a graphic recording showing some of the ideas shared during the event, as well as the founding organizations of the Canadian Accessibility Network.

This Graphic Recording is a visual representation of the ideas and themes that were generated at the Canadian Accessibility Network Summit in 2019. This image consists of two parts, or rectangles. The top part is bordered by an open blue and red line that ends in feathered arrows which point to the words: “connect, engage, act!!!” Inside this rectangle are the illustrations that represent the greater themes of the summit. These themes are mostly represented in words with the occasional doodle. The word CAN is at the very center with a large jagged bubble around it with lines shooting out that seem to connect the bubble to all the thoughts represented in the image. The main themes represented in the image show sharing, creating spaces and platforms for sharing to happen. It also shows inclusivity in all aspects, intersectionality, and innovation. The image reflects thoughts through words like “nothing about us, without us,” “having a place where everyone can come together,” encouraging everyone to share best practices, and to adapt, not accommodate. Below this graphic recording, or the second part, are all the logos of CAN's founding Organizations.

Programme Highlights

Innovative Partners Showcase
Meet the Founding Partners of CAN and learn about their respective organizational initiatives at Information Hub posterboard displays.

Ideas Exchange Incubator
Lend your voice to the inspired conversations and creative thinking that will help inform the future of an accessible and inclusive world.

Keynote Address
Learn more about what the Federal Government is doing to move the accessibility agenda forward to create a universally accessible country for all Canadians.


Here is a series of video recordings of those who presented during the day.

Opening Remarks: Benoit-Antoine Bacon, President and Vice-Chancellor, Carleton University

CAN TALK: Ricardo Wagner, Microsoft Accessibility Lead, Microsoft Canada Inc.

Keynote Address: Philip Rizcallah, Chief Executive Officer CASDO, Canadian Accessibility Standards Organization

Graphic Recording of CAN Summit Discussions

Rapporteur Summary: Michelle Gauthier

Close: Sandra Crocker, Associate Vice-President, Strategic Initiative and Operations – Carleton University & Boris Vukovic, Director of READ, Carleton University