Canadian Accessibility Network Communities of Practice (CoP)

Communities of Practice (CoP) are groups that provide inclusive, creative opportunities for CAN Members to drive accessibility forward. CAN will advance accessibility nationally in four key areas: Education & Training, Employment, Policy, and Research, Design and Innovation.   


The Main Purpose of the Communities of Practice (CoP) is to: 

  • Create opportunities for CAN Members to meet each other, share experience and expertise, and learn more about work that others are doing in the area of focus 
  • Consider ways to build upon great work already being done across Canada in the area of focus 
  • Identify strategic priorities for CAN related to the area of focus 
  • Identify projects and other opportunities for the Network to take action together related to the area of focus 

Taking Action

CoPs will focus primarily on building connections, identifying opportunities for action, and highlighting priorities. CoPs will decide upon ways to take action, which may include: 

  • Suggesting that the entire Network completes a specific action 
  • Working as a full CoP on a specific endeavor 
  • Suggesting the creation of a project team to advance a specific action (made up of a subset of CoP Members or of a subset of CAN Members from across the Network) 

For more information, please visit each Community of Practice webpage (listed below): 

If you are interested in the work of CAN and the Communities of Practice, please contact the CAN National Office at