Research, Design and Innovation Community of Practice Lead

The Research, Design and Innovation Community of Practice is led by two co-leads. They provide leadership to the RDI CoP by: 

  • Planning CoP Meetings 
  • Facilitating and supporting the facilitation of CoP Meetings 
  • Drafting strategic priorities and project outlines related to topics that arise in CoP meetings 
  • Providing updates of CoP activities to the Governing Council

Research, Design and Innovation Co-Leads

Amber Knabl

Amber Knabl | Research, Design and Innovation Co-Lead 

Amber Knabl is a CPACC certified Accessibility Strategist currently working for Fable, a CAN collaborator, based out of Toronto, Canada. With a background in UX Design and Inclusive Design for Digital Media, Amber combines these practical skills along with a deep understanding of various assistive technologies to coach colleagues and enterprise customers alike. Amber is most passionate about helping people shift their thinking when it comes to accessibility – beyond checklist and into creating delightful experiences for everyone.  

Claire Davies | Research, Design and Innovation Co-Lead 

Claire has dedicated her research career to improving the lives of people with disabilities. Her research at the Building and Designing Assistive Technology (BDAT) Lab is diverse covering three main areas: biomaterials, motion analysis, and assistive technology with the primary research goal of increasing independence of people with disabilities. Claire is currently an assistant professor in Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Queen University with an honorary senior lecturer appointment in the Departments of Surgery and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Auckland.