1. Governance
    1. Overview
    2. Guiding Documents
    3. Meeting Schedule
    4. Annual Reports
    5. Time Commitments
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The Canadian Accessibility Network (CAN) is a pan-Canadian network representing academic, community service provider, and corporate partners who are committed to advancing accessibility for persons with disabilities through Research and Innovation, Education and Training, Policy, Employment, and Community Engagement, and is committed to respecting and achieving good governance. The Network is supported by the CAN National Office, which is located within the Accessibility Institute at Carleton University, in Ottawa.

There are two Governing Bodies for the Network:

Guiding Documents

These items are used in guiding the day-to-day operation of the work of the Network and are subject to review from year to year, or as needed, in response to the priorities of the Network.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings for these governing bodies take place at varying times of the year.

Please check the Meeting Schedule for 2023-2024 for the current dates and times for meetings of each group.

Annual Reports

2023 CAN Annual Report – English (PDF)

2023 CAN Annual Report – English (docx)

2023 CAN Annual Report – French (PDF)

2023 CAN Annual Report – French (docx)

Time Commitments

The time commitment for becoming involved with either of these governing bodies varies, dependent on the work of the group and/or the role of the member.

For a better understanding, see our Time Commitments for Councils.


Contact the CAN National Office at can@carleton.ca.