Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is comprised of the appointed representatives from each of our Collaborator Organizations. The role of the Advisory Council is to bring a pan-Canadian voice to the Network, on behalf of their respective regions, as it relates to advancing accessibility for people with disabilities. Members from the east coast to the west coast provide advice and recommendations to the Governing Council (GC) on behalf of our partners with a focus on: 

  • Ensuring the GC and the Communities of Practice (CoP) benefit from the lived experiences of persons with disabilities and their support teams; 
  • Offering a cross-sectoral, cross-disciplinary and cross-country sounding board for the GC and the CoPs; 
  • Providing a forum for partner organizations and individuals to come together to learn from one another, engage in collaborative initiatives and network. 

The Advisory Council meets three times a year. For more information on the Advisory Council and our meeting dates, please contact the CAN National Office at or call 613-878-5842.