Carleton University is one of the most supportive universities in North America for students with disabilities. Building on this reputation and in support of this commitment, the Accessibility Institute is working toward the creation of a world that is accessible and inclusive through a range of projects and initiatives.

As part of this mandate, the Institute leverages the resources of the university to achieve its major objectives which include:

  • Research
  • Education and training
  • Program and policy development
  • Innovation and design
  • Building networks for collaboration in accessibility

A strategic initiative that supports this commitment is one dedicated to building collaborative communities supporting accessibility across campus. The Coordinated Accessibility Strategy (CAS), a first of its kind strategy in Canada, CAS is guided by values of inclusivity, innovation, collaboration, commitment and community.

Coordinated by the Accessibility Institute, CAS is supporting the development of those agents of social change within the student population at Carleton by working with and mentoring Student Accessibility Champions to expand their knowledge, awareness and understanding about accessibility across campus, within the community and around the world. These student leaders and Champions will be ambassadors for accessibility at Carleton and provided with platforms and experiences allowing them to contribute to the global dialogue shaping this universal issue supporting equitably and inclusion.

As an ally in accessibility we could use your help.  Funds donated to support this initiative through Carleton’s FutureFunder campaign will help bring real change to our community.

We invite you to support the Student Accessibility Champions initiative and build the knowledge, skills and platforms that will help these ambassadors contribute to the global dialogue shaping this critical issue informing equitability and inclusion in the world.

To learn more about how you can contribute to the Accessibility Institute at Carleton and help create a more accessible and inclusive Canada visit our FutureFunder Campaign.