Photo of Joelle Lui

Joelle Lui

Student Accessibility Champion

Degrees:Media Production and Design, Minor in Community Engagement and Disability Studies

About me:

Hello! I’m Joelle and I am from Mississauga, Ontario. Some things I enjoy doing including playing volleyball, hanging out with my friends and family, and being outdoors. I have a great love for food, animals, music, and nature.


I am passionate about community engagement, disability advocacy, accessibility, and leadership. I spend a lot of my time volunteering and doing extra-curricular activities at Carleton to build my skills in allyship, community engagement, and collaboration. By participating in different activities and talking to others, I recognize the accessibility challenges that are around our community, and I want to be involved by advocating for change through conversations and acknowledgment.

Advise to Students and or Staff:

“All bodies are unique and essential. All bodies are whole. All bodies have strengths and needs that must be met. We are powerful not despite the complexities of our bodies, but because of them. We move together, with no body left behind. This is disability justice.” – Aurora LevinsMorales and Patty Berne