Photo of Ellen McCole

Ellen McCole

Student Accessibility Champion

Degrees:Master of Applied Science in Sustainable Energy Engineering (2023)

About me

When not thinking about how to reduce methane emissions from Canada’s oil and gas sector, I can usually be found strolling along the Canal or Carleton campus. I am passionate about math and about exploring the many ways that we can use it – whether it be through creating music, basket weaving, building bridges, dancing to a beat, finding meaning from a statistic, or solving calculus problems!


For me, “accessibility” means that barriers to inclusion will continue to be broken. Working towards building a more a collaborative, accessible community is always worthwhile because doing so benefits everyone inside of that community. It is especially important for an academic community to work towards meeting accessibility goals, so that all its members can feel safe, respected, valued and eager to challenge boundaries and contribute new ideas.

Advice to students/staff

Sometimes things just don’t make sense and that’s totally fine! Often, it helps to see someone else’s perspective, which can provide new insight and opportunities to learn. As part of the Carleton community, it’s important we advocate for ourselves and those around us. Together, we can build a more accessible and innovative learning environment.