Before you start authoring or editing a document, you may want to check your MS Word’s default language and proofing language.

Here are the steps for:

To change the default language on Windows:

  1. Go to menu item: File
  2. Select Options from the list in the left window pane
  3. Select Language from the list in the left of the Options dialog
  4. If your default language is already “English(Canada)”, you will see the dialog like the upper image in the following two images; if your default language is “English(United Sates)”, you will see the dialog like the lower one.

English(Canada) already as default
English(United Sates) as default

5. In order to set “English(Canada)” as the default language, you can select “English(Canada)” from the drop down list labeled [Add additional editing languages] (As shown in the following image), and click [Add] button to add it into the list.

selecting English(Canada)

6. Select “English(Canada)” in the list, and click [Set as Default] button to make it as the default language. Then, you will see the list has been changed into the one shown in the following image:

Setting English (Canada) as default language

7. Close all Office 2013 documents and open them again for the changes to take effect

To select proofing language on Windows:

  1. Go to menue item: Review
  2. In the Language section, select the Language button
  3. Click on [Set Proofing Language]
  4. Find and select “English(Canada)” (as shown in the following image)
  5. Select the [Detect language automatically] check box at the bottom
  6. Click [OK] button

selecting English(Canada) as proofing language

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