1. Student Support Services
  2. Student Employment Supports

Through piecemeal initiatives in the 1970s to 24-7 attendant service in the ’80s to a 21st century commitment toward a fully accessible and inclusive campus, Carleton University has provided a growing range of support for students with both visible and invisible disabilities to ensure they get a full educational experience and are as prepared as possible to take the step to employment.

Student Support Services

  • The Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities, which opened in January 1990, coordinates academic accommodations and support services for students with disabilities, both within the centre and throughout campus.
  • The Carleton Disability Awareness Centre: The student-run centre acts as a forum for disability issues and to provide advocacy, events and workshops, regarding issues surrounding visible and non-visible disabilities. It also runs programs to support disabled students on campus, such as wheelchair rentals.
  • The McIntyre Exam Centre: The centre provides services to students and instructors to meet accommodation needs, including: in-class tests and examinations; formally scheduled examinations; Carleton University OnLine (CUOL) midterm examinations.
  • Financial aid for students with disabilities: John Davis Burton Award; Paul Menton Memorial Bursary; John Teuscher Memorial Scholarship; Thomas Sorensen Memorial Scholarship.

Student Employment Supports

  • Accessible Career Transitions (ACT): One-on-one continuous coaching and support with a professional career counselor to explore career options and navigate career choices. ACT services include: Individual ongoing support, résumé building, personalized e-mails about program updates, career development events, job postings and workshops as well as job search support for current students and new grads.
  • Carleton University Accessible Experiential Learning (CUAEL) Project: The 1-year pilot project, which began in September 2017 and was funded by the Ontario government, placed over 200 students with disabilities in employment opportunities on and off campus to provide them with hands-on experiences while they worked on their degrees. In September, 2019, the program transitioned to ACT to Employ, funded by Carleton and focusing for the most part on campus employment opportunities.
  • The David C. Onley Initiative for Employment and Enterprise, launched in 2018 and led by Carleton, is a partnership of four post-secondary institutions in Ottawa to develop knowledge, resources and tools to support students with disabilities in their employment readiness and career aspirations.
  • Job Search Support Employment Resources: Job boards, organizations and advice to help students in their job searches.
  • The National Educational Association of Disabled Students: A national cross-disability charitable organization supporting access to education and employment for students and graduates with disabilities. Its administrative office is at Carleton University.