AODA Additional Training – Introduced in Fall 2014

The two new training modules – the Employment Standard; Information and Communications Standard – each take about 20 minutes to complete and can be accessed by logging into cuLearn at:

      1. Employment Standard Training
      2. Information and Communications Training

 AODA Customer Service Standard Training  (first introduced in 2010)

The three AODA Customer Service Standard Training modules are now available. You can do all three at once – which may take at least 90 minutes to complete – or one at a time. Three modules need to be completed to record certification. Please follow the instructions below to access the training modules. Click here to begin.

1. Enter your Banner ID/Employee ID and 6-digit PIN. Click Login.

2. Click on the Employee Services tab at the top of the screen.

3. Click on Learning and Development on the employee services menu.

4. Click on Online Courses.

5. Click on AODA tab.

6. You will now be on the AODA training screen. Click on Module 1 to begin your training.