For the past few years, the Student Philanthropy Association has been running engagement-based philanthropic campaigns on campus!

This means that our campaigns have involved students taking action rather than contributing financially. Thanks to our matching donors, we have been able to secure a contribution each time that a student has taken part! Check out some of our past campaigns below to get a better idea of what this looks like:

Ravens’ Reflections

Ravens’ Reflections is a campaign that the SPA runs yearly in the winter semester. Students are asked to write a meaningful note of thanks to someone that has helped them in there time at Carleton – a professor, a parent, a friend, or anyone at all!

For each student that writes a note, our matching donor contributes funds towards a cause on campus. In past these causes have included the Student Emergency Fund and the Enriched Support Program. Find out more details about this year’s campaign by clicking here.

Philanthropy Spotlights – Fall 2020

For our first online campaign, the SPA ambassadors interviewed Carleton student leaders who have made an impact on campus through their work in philanthropy. The results were so fascinating! We were able to hear different folks’ stories of how they came to be involved in philanthropy, what philanthropy means to each of them, and learn a bit more about the unique roles that philanthropy plays on campus.

You can read all of the interviews at this page here!

CU Stronger Together – Fall 2019

CU Stronger Together was a campaign showcasing the strength of Carleton’s community – how all    students come together to support each other! Students were asked to write a note on a paper chain link about how the CU community has supported them. These chain links were then all woven together to create one large final celebration of the student body’s support – the Philanthro-tree!

For each student that wrote a note, our matching donor contributed $5 towards the Enriched Support Program. Our goal was 400 engagements and in  the end we surpassed this, bringing in over $2000 for the program!

Photobooth Campaign – Fall 2018

Our Photobooth Campaign aimed to create a meaningful relationship between students and donors, while supporting the campus community at the same time! Students were asked to take photos in a photobooth set up in the University Centre, holding Carleton-themed props that showed their thanks towards donors.

For each student that took a photo, our matching donor contributed $5 to the Student Emergency Fund. Our goal was initially 200 photos and we blew past that, securing over $1000 for the fund!