What is the CU Making Memories campaign?

CU Making Memories was a special campaign led by the Student Philanthropy Association (SPA) this past Winter 2022 semester to encourage students to share their favourite memory they have made so far during their time at Carleton: “Remember the past, support the future”. On March 31st, 2022 our CU Making Memories campaign ended, with a total of $1300 donated on behalf of the Carleton University Alumni Association (CUAA) for the Endowed Student Emergency Fund, $300 over our original $1000 goal. 

What is the Endowed Student Emergency Fund?

The Endowed Student Emergency Fund (SEF) is designed to provide emergency financial assistance to Carleton University students experiencing unexpected financial hardship related to critical needs such as groceries, medications, and utilities. The SEF allows students to receive financial assistance in emergency situations so that their basic needs can be met. For example, if a student experiences a theft and needs immediate financial help to be able to continue their academic progress at Carleton, they can apply to the SEF. You can read more about the Endowed Student Emergency Fund on Future Funder!

If you are a current Carleton student looking to apply to the SEF, please click here for the intake form.

How does the CU Making Memories campaign work?

We asked current Carleton students to fill out a form of their favourite memory from their time so far at Carleton. Messages could be sent anyone who they have made memories with on their Carleton journey.

Students filling out the form also had the option to submit a photograph related to the CU Memory they are sharing and indicate their consent on the form if we could share their message (and accompanying photograph if applicable) on our social media and in our CU Making Memories Yearbook. Click through the gallery below to view the yearbook which highlights some of the memories that were submitted during the campaign!

For each memory submitted, the Carleton University Alumni Association (CUAA) donated $10 on the students’ behalf to the Endowed Student Emergency Fund. And, when each submission gained an entry to our grand prize giveaway, the “Experience Local Ottawa” package. Head to our Instagram or Facebook, @carletonspa to check out our all posts from throughout the campaign, and stay tuned for our next campaign in Fall 2022! 

The CU Making Memories Yearbook