Current graduate and postdoctoral students’ research on Africa, its diasporas, or with significant African Content with provisional titles

Akintunde Akinleye ‘Cracks on the Wall’: A critique of Chinua Achebe’s “An image of Africa”

Sarah Otto “On Blackness: Slavery, Hegemony and Border thinking”

Nathaniel Dorgbetor “Towards a Better Language in Education Policy for Multilingual Ghana: A Review of the Language in Education Policies that Ghana have had from Colonial Era to Post Colonial Times”

Cynthia Mouafo Piaplié  “African Solutions to African Problems? The African Union’s Sanctions Regime with Regards to Unconstitutional Changes of Government” MA

Laura Fluegel “IDPs in Central and East Africa: The reality beyond the label”

Ben Bestvater “Foreign Investment for Brighter Futures? Exploring Nigeria’s Chances for Successful Poverty Alleviation”

Emma Anderson  “Music as a Means of Resistance in Apartheid South Africa”

Nick Ward “The Die Antwoord Phenomenon: Art, Media, and Representation in a Globalized World”

Hailey Ren  “Impact of The Rising Chinese Mobile Phones in Africa: A Case Study of Ethiopia”

Sarah Kabamba, MA, “Canada in Africa: A Lack of Consistency and Control”

Lance Hadley “Borders as Resources for Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa” International Affairs, PhD

Danielle Mpalirwa, MA, NPSIA, “”Know ‘Her’ Status: Assessing the ‘Genderfication’ of HIV/AIDS Campaigns in Lesotho”

Amanda Charles, Ph.D., Political Science, “…[B]ut the ladies [still] remain…”: Theorizing the Exclusion of Women and Girls from the New Deal and Conceptualizing their Responses – The Cases of Sierra Leone and Liberia”

Michael Ofusu Anim, MA, Institute of Political Economy, “Rent-Seeing Behaviours in Ghana: Causes and Consequences”

Bissy Waariyo “In the ‘Mobile Revolution’ We Trust? Understanding the Barriers to Political Mobilization in Ethiopia,” Political Science with a specialization in African Studies, MA.

Michael Bueckert “Opposition to Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) From South Africa To Israel,” Sociology, PhD

Ying-Ying Tiffany Liu “Intra-Migrant Economy: Chinese Restaurant Entrepreneurship and Zimbabwean Migrant Workers in South Africa,” Anthropology, PhD

Emma Bider “Performing a post-conflict identity: Tuareg music in refugee camps, “Anthropology and Sociology, MA

Rumbi Chimhanda “The Inescapable Lure of Beauty’s Paradox: An Analysis of Beauty and Fashion Practices within Canada’s African Diaspora Communities,”Political Science, PhD

Pierre Dubeau “Mapping and Characterizing Wetlands and Wetland Dynamics in the Highlands of Ethiopia Using Random Forest Classification,” Geography, MSc

Ebere Ahanihu “Discourse, Representation, and Development Practices: A Post-Development Study of an ICT for Education Project in Nigeria,” Communication, PhD

Jerusa Ali “International Criminal Law ‘On the Ground’: An Examination of the Crime of Persecution in Nigeria,” Law and Legal Studies, PhD

Melissa Armstrong 
  “Healthcare in Exile: ANC Health Policy and Health Care Provision in MK Camps, 1964 to 1989,” History, PhD

Bonnie Bates   “Writing Women Out of History: Islam and the Growth of Written Culture in the Sahara,” History, MA

Vivianna Boilès-Léonard ” South African Sites of Forced Removal: Heritage, Value and the Politics of Memory,” Anthropology, PhD

Geoff Brouwer “The Promise of Impact Investing: An Examination of Impacts and Measurement of Impact Investors in the Agricultural Sector in East Africa,” NPSIA with a specialization in African Studies, MA

Christine Chisholm “Tracing the Tragic Tale of Thalidomide in Ghana.” History, PhD

Allyson Fradella “”The New Left Labour Politics of South Africa.” Political Economy with a specialization in African Studies, MA

Heather Gilberds   “Radio broadcasters as development brokers: A critical look at knowledge translation in East Africa,” Communication, PhD.

Aliesha Hosein  “Representations of Slave Ships in Caribbean Literature,” English, PhD.

John Jacobs “The impact of Canada on mining and development in Africa via the TSX and bilateral investment agreements,” Public Policy and Administration and Institute of Political Economy, PhD.

Hussein Kasim “Exploring the relationship between policy transfer and policy outcomes: the case of malaria control policies of Rwanda and Uganda,” Public Policy and Administration, PhD.

Sarah Katz-Lavigne “Multinational corporations and the enforcement of property rights in the extractive industries in sub-Saharan Africa,” International Affairs, PhD.

Zehra Mawani “Diasporic Citizens: Asian Ugandans and Identity Formation; the Canadian Experience,” History, MA.

Sam Meeks “Water Privatization in Ghana: An Anthropological Perspective,” Political Economy, MA (and collaborative Master’s in African Studies).

Beth Mburu“Informed Options for Climate Change Adaptation in the Semi-Arid Tropics: The Case of Small-Scale Farmers in Eastern Kenya,” Geography and Environmental Studies, PhD.

Karim Myatt “Amazigh Identity and the Indigenous Rights Movement in Morocco,” Anthropology, PhD.

William Onyeaju “The Centre Continues to Hold”: A Critical Examination of State Responses to Violent Insurgency in Nigeria during the Administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, 2010-2015,” Political Science with a specialization in African Studies, MA

Megan Pickup  “An emerging, post-neoliberal power: Brazilian South-South cooperation in Mozambique and Haiti,” Political Science, PhD,

Joana Pimentel “The transculturation of the body” [Mozambique], Cultural Mediations, PhD.

Matt Rushton “Picturing Ethnography: Text & Image in Michel Leiris’ L’Afrique fantôme,” Cultural Mediations, PhD.

Todd Scanlan “Unearthing Corporate Social Responsibility:  Examining Legal Techniques of Development” Legal Studies, MA.

Mariah Siha “Manufactured Democracy and Rules of “Normal Politics”: An Analysis of Democratic Legitimacy and the Role of “Unconventional Popular Sovereignty” in Post-Mubarak Egypt. ” Legal Studies, MA.

William Tait “Canada’s Foreign Aid in Transition: Christian Missionary Influence on Secular Non-Governmental Agencies 1933-1973 ,” History, PhD .

Nick Ward “Americanization in Cape Town: Western Media¹s Influence on Self-Portrait and Identity Expression of Coloured Male Youth in Cape Town,” Communication, MA.

Lameck Zingano “Contested histories: The politics of memory in postcolonial Southern Africa,” Anthropology, PhD.