The following courses are also relevant to students of African Studies and could, with the approval of the specific requirements of the units involved, be used as courses to help fulfill degree requirements.  There are also often graduate courses and 4000-level courses in a number of units at Carleton that are offered on an ad hoc basis that have significant content appropriate to African Studies.

Courses in Other Units

Course Code Course Title Credit
ANTH 5109 Development, Dependency and Gender 0.5
ANTH 5202 The Anthropology of Underdevelopment 0.5
ANTH 5209 Special Topics in the Anthropology of Africa 0.5
ANTH 5809 Selected Topics in the Anthropology of Development and Underdevelopment 0.5
ENGL 5008 Studies in African Literature 0.5
ENGL 5010 Studies in Caribbean Literature 0.5
FREN 5600 Littératures francophones 0.5
INAF 5603 Issues in Development in Africa 0.5
IBUS 5712 Business and Government in Emerging Economies 0.5
ITIS 5403 ICT for Development 0.5
LAWS 5007 Race, Ethnicity and the Law 0.5
LAWS 5603 International Law: Theory and Practice 0.5
PSCI 5107 Globalization, Adjustment and Democracy in Africa 0.5
PSCI 5202 Development Theory and Issues 0.5
PSCI 5203 Southern Africa After Apartheid 0.5
PSCI 5801 Foreign Policies of African States 0.5
SOCI 5404 Race, Ethnicity and Class in Contemporary Societies 0.5
TOMS 5304 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 0.5
WGST 5902 Globalized Bodies: Gender, Violence, and Security 0.5