Lucky Asuelime
Office:228 Paterson Hall

Asuelime Lucky is an Instructor at the School of Social Science, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, where he teaches courses in Political Science and International Relations. He is a nuclear strategist who among other things, likes to historicize and theorize on policies and implications of nuclear proliferation. His specific research interest encompass: i. South African Nuclear Relations; ii. Africa International Relations; iii. Cold War in Africa; iv. African Political Economy. v. South African and British Foreign policy. He is currently writing his doctoral research on a thesis titled: “British Foreign Policy towards Apartheid South Africa’s Nuclear Legacy, 1974 – 1989.” Specifically, the thesis deals with the dynamics and intricacies of British foreign policy vis-à-vis apartheid South Africa’s nuclear weapons program and its impact on the nuclear non-proliferation regime in Africa and the world in general.

Lucky is currently a visiting scholar at Carleton University until June 2012, with support from the Canadian Bureau for International education (CBIE), under the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme. He is hosted by the Institute of African Studies and the Department of Political Science. During his stay in Carleton, aside from writing-up his doctoral thesis, he will also be concluding a research paper titled “South

Africa: Nuclear Pariah to Prince” to be published in Limes, an Italian Journal of International Relations in May 2012. He has an office in the Institute of African Studies (228 Paterson Hall) and can be reached by email at